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5 morning habits to lose weight fast: eat protein breakfast!

morning habits to lose weight: If you’re trying to lose weight, decisions you make around food and exercise throughout the day matter. But there are a few specific morning rituals that can really set you up for success.

Simply getting up early and planning your day leads to not only more productivity, but gives you a better handle on any potential roadblocks or hurdles that may interfere with your diet and exercise routines.

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Making the most of your mornings helps you stay in more of a ‘proactive’ mode and less of a ‘reactive’ mode, which naturally leads to more successful weight-loss efforts.”

There’s more proof to this approach: An April 2014 study published in ‌PLoS One‌ linked exposure to morning light with a lower body mass index (BMI) than exposure to light later in the day.

If that’s not enough incentive to set your alarm for an hour or two earlier, these nutritionist-approved morning rituals for weight loss may do the trick.

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morning habits to lose weight

1. Eat a Protein-Packed Breakfast

morning habits to lose weight1
English breakfast – fried eggs, bacon, sausages and toasted rye bread

morning habits to lose weight: If you already know the importance of a hearty breakfast, you’re on the right track. But you should also make sure your breakfast is filled with an optimal amount of protein.

Your body takes longer to digest this macronutrient than carbohydrates or fat, so high-protein meals keep you satisfied for several hours, explains Adams. Protein helps with appetite control as well as blood sugar balance.

For optimal fullness and muscle-building benefits, strive to get 25 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast from eggs, plain Greek yogurt, nut butters or lean chicken or turkey sausage.

2. Enjoy That Cup of Coffee

morning habits to lose weight: Caffeine may actually give your morning routine a fat-burning boost. One study, published June 2019 in the journal ‌Scientific Reports,‌ found that drinking one cup of coffee was enough to stimulate “brown fat,” also known as brown adipose tissue or BAT, which plays a role in helping the body burn calories more quickly.

3. Get Your Workout On

morning habits to lose weight2
yoga exercise in the moring to lose weight

Though hitting the snooze button is probably more tempting than a workout first thing in the morning, research shows that a.m. exercise might help you lose weight.

When researchers from Tehran University examined the effects of morning or evening aerobic exercise, they found that getting moving early led to lower caloric intake later in the day, as well as a more significant change in body weight, BMI, abdominal skin fold thickness and abdominal circumference. They published their findings in the June 2017 issue of ‌Clinical Obesity‌.

4. Walk as Much of Your Commute as Possible

morning habits to lose weight: Sneaking in some outdoor movement — even just a few minutes of walking — early in the morning can be beneficial for another reason.

Spending time outdoors in the morning will also increase your exposure to vitamin D, a nutrient most Americans are lacking‌.

5. Sleep In if You Need More Zzzs

morning habits to lose weight: Most of us know that a good night’s sleep is important for overall wellness, but a whopping one-third of American adults aren’t snoozing long enough, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In addition to boosting your health, getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night may also help you lose weight, according to a study published February 2019 in ‌Current Biology‌, which linked sleep deprivation to an increase in snacking after dinner and weight gain.

“Waking up too early to get a jumpstart on the day may cut into precious sleep hours,” warns Natalie Rizzo, RD, a New York City-based dietitian. So if you’re planning to get up at the crack of dawn, make sure to adjust your bedtime accordingly.

6. Do a Weigh-In

morning habits to lose weight: Dieters who weigh themselves daily lose about three times more weight and body fat compared with people who weight themselves less frequently, says a study published April 2016 in the ‌Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics‌.

The best time of day to step on the scale is immediately after getting up and going to the bathroom — either in the buff or in the same amount of clothing each morning, to get the most accurate results.

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