Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s gift: What is Travis Kelce’s surprise?

Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s gift: Travis Kelce is gearing up for his first Valentine’s Day with Taylor Swift. The NFL star briefly hinted at his plans to make the day extra special in the latest episode of his New Heights podcast.

Talk turned to the Feb. 14 holiday as Travis and Jason Kelce, his brother and podcast co-host, began singing the praises of their newest program sponsor.

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Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s gift

Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s gift: “With both of us playing in the NFL for so many years, we’ve learned a thing or two about competition,” Travis says on Wednesday’s episode, reading from a prewritten ad. “But when it comes to finding the perfect game winning gift for Valentine’s Day, Etsy is the real MVP.”

Jason continues the spot by saying that he was already shopping for “something extra special” for his wife of five years, Kylie Kelce.

Jason Kelce wife
Jason Kelce and his wife

“That’s kind of a lie,” he admits. “I usually do it last second just like every other man out here on the planet.”

Travis asks whether Jason has anything in mind for Kylie this year, to which Jason says he typically sticks with his mainstay.

“I usually get the same chocolates every year,” he shares. “The same flowers, and a card.”

“That’s adorable,” Travis replies, affecting a mocking tone.

Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s gift:

Taylor Swift’s Valentine’s gift: Travis stays tightlipped on his own plans, but says at the end of the commercial: “Whether you’re feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure like Jason and I, or trying to figure out the right gift for a significant other, Etsy is the go-to destination for adding that special touch.”

Presumably, Travis and Taylor’s respective schedules will both be cleared up on Valentine’s Day. The NFL season officially ends with the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, while Swift will have a five-day respite between her Eras Tour stops in Tokyo, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia, that week.

The Kelce brothers are undoubtedly focused on their upcoming playoffs and 2024 Pro Bowl games. This weekend’s wild card rounds will see Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs play the Miami Dolphins on Friday, and Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday.

The siblings were each selected for this year’s Pro Bowl, marking Jason’s seventh and Travis’ ninth consecutive year competing in the celebrated skills competition. The Pro Bowl Games are set for Feb. 1 to Feb. 4 in Orlando, Florida, airing on ESPN and ABC.

Taylor, meanwhile, will resume her Eras Tour in Tokyo, Japan, on Feb. 7 after a two-month hiatus.

“They love being together no matter what they’re doing and appreciate the little things in life. They try to lead as normal lives as possible as a couple and are enjoying the upswing and growth in their relationship. They believe that timing is everything and that this is their time,” a source recently told ET of the couple’s relationship.

“Their families are both on board and everyone on Travis’ side loves Taylor and vice versa. It’s a supportive dynamic all around,” the source continued. “Their loved ones have never seen either of them so happy and hope and believe that it will continue.”


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