Tom Cruise’s cosmetic procedure: his before and after changes left fans worried+ photos

Tom Cruise’s cosmetic procedure: Tom Cruise has been urged to embrace his age gracefully amid the rumours that the actor is preserving his boyish look through cosmetic procedures.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, the Mission Impossible star has been desperately trying to remain young, leaving fans worried about his health and well-being.

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Tom Cruise’s cosmetic procedure

Tom Cruise's cosmetic procedure1

The source shared, “Tom’s had all these surgeries and other beauty rituals that have taken a toll on his looks to the point where his face is collapsing and sagging in weird places.”

“People are begging him to stop trying to look younger and telling him to accept it and age gracefully. But that’s not his style!,” an insider added.

Tom Cruise’s cosmetic procedure

Tom Cruise's cosmetic procedure2

The concerns about his appearance recently sparked when Tom’s face looked ‘deflated’ during the filming of Mission: Impossible 8.

The source said, “A couple of years ago, he was so puffy that people were comparing him to a chipmunk.”

“But now it’s the opposite — all the extra volume is gone, so his skin is drooping and unfortunately it doesn’t just look like normal aging, it looks really unnatural!” the report shared.


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