Usher’s son stole his father’s phone and texted a girl+ photos

Usher’s son: Usher is having a big year — the R&B linchpin released a new album called Coming Home and performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Today, he took to Instagram Stories to tell a story about how his son recently stole his phone to try to link up with PinkPantheress.

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Usher’s son

Usher's son1

Usher’s son: About a week or so ago, according to the musician, his 15-year-old son Naviyd took his phone to slide into “his favorite artist” PinkPantheress’ DMs.

Usher's son2

In a message, he asks the 23-year-old viral pop singer to follow his Instagram account, much to PinkPantheress’ surprise: “hahahahahaa,” she wrote back, “this is wild!” Naviyd replied that he didn’t think she was going to answer, and thanked her for liking his post.

When Usher noticed, he apologized to PinkPantheress, who graciously offered to host them at a show. Naviyd ended up attending, and the two snapped a picture together. Usher closed the post with his (questionable) parental takeaway:

Usher's son3

This was a great moment for Naviyd … this was him movin on something he was passionate about.

Yes… he violated my trust in the process and for that I will never trust him around my phone, but I should have known better.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the hustle and him makin in happen.

From a text, to a concert, to the artist.

He masterminded this whole thing and made it happen.


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