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Natural botox with banana peel: removing wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes + video

Natural botox with banana peel: Influencers on social media are slapping banana peels on their faces in the hope that it will give them tight, bright skin – a ‘natural’ alternative to antiaging Botox injections.

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Natural botox with banana peel

Natural botox with banana peel1

Natural botox with banana peel: Katie Jane Hughes, a makeup artist based in the New York with 286,000 followers, posted a video of herself trying the trend on April 7, in the hope of demonstrating its ‘natural Botox effect’.

Smearing the peel on her face made her skin feel softer, her pores tighter and her face overall more ‘snatched’, Ms Hughes said in her video, which has been viewed 750,000 times.

The cosmetics influencer was so impressed by the results, she said she would try the trend again.

However, doctors are not convinced.

‘There’s no topical or food supplement that is going to give you the same effect Botox can when you inject it,’ Dr Geeta Yadav, a dermatologist based in Toronto, posted on TikTok in reaction to the trend.

‘There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that rubbing a banana peel on your face is going to help’ with wrinkles, dark circles or inflammation Dr Taylor Bullock, a dermatology resident at the Cleveland Clinic, said.

Natural botox with banana peel: Dr Yadav said that while banana peels do have antimicrobial properties, the benefits are so small that it’s unlikely you’ll notice them.

Instead, she recommended an over the counter skin product like vitamin C serum.

Despite doctors’ opinions, social media users are big fans.

User ruri123ds, commented on Ms Hughes video saying ‘I use it all the time i LOVE IT [heart eyes emoji]’.

‘My grandmother used egg wash at night, and banana or mango skin in the morning. That woman had zero wrinkles on her face,’ user kiloalphayankeealpha also said.

Natural botox with banana peel: Any skin benefits you might get from banana peels are thought to lie with the high quantity of antioxidants found in the fruit.

Antioxidants are compounds that absorb harmful particles called free radicals that can cause stress and damage to DNA over time, according to Dr Bullock. They’re found naturally in many foods like blueberries, green tea and cocoa, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Antioxidants can help fight cellular damage caused by UV ways from the sun, smoke and pollution.

But banana peels probably aren’t the most efficient way to increase your intake of antioxidants. Antioxidant products applied to the face, like vitamin C serums are probably more potent ways to get the skin benefits.

Natural botox with banana peel: ‘In theory, you could probably get some antioxidants by rubbing the peel on your skin,’ Dr Bullock said. ‘If your goal is to have a skin care routine full of antioxidants, you’re much better off applying an antioxidant-rich skin care product to your face instead.’

Though Dr Bullock and Dr Yadav didn’t recommend specific products, many different companies carry antioxidant serums and lotions that you can incorporate into your routine.

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