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5 hairstyles for lazy women: for the days when your hair is greasy but you want to be beautiful!+ photos

hairstyles for lazy women: Some days, getting ready is a leisurely—and genuinely enjoyable—process.

You have plenty of time to play with products, experiment with multicolored eyeshadows, and try different accessory before landing on a grid-worthy outfit. Other days, though, you simply can’t be bothered with more than a tinted moisturizer and a messy bun before dashing out the door. We all have our lazy beauty days.

But there are ways to leave the house feeling your best with minimal effort. Once you’ve perfected your five-minute makeup routine, all you need is one of these easy, cute hairstyles (and maybe a brush and a few elastics) to get you where you need to be on time, every time. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite.

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hairstyles for lazy women

1-Simple Spiky Bun

hairstyles for lazy women1

hairstyles for lazy women: This slicked-down look is a great go-to for greasy-haired days when a wash just isn’t happening. The sculpted side part gives the style a bit of polish, while the peek of spiky strands keeps things looking balanced (and a whole lot more intentional than the usual greasy low bun).

2-Perky Ponytail

hairstyles for lazy women2

Barbie, is that you? Steal the icon’s signature style with a perfectly placed pony at the back of your crown. To make it look more work—and less workout—appropriate, wrap a section of hair around your elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.

3-Decorated Braid

hairstyles for lazy women3

hairstyles for lazy women: You don’t need advanced braiding skills to make your lazy-girl plait look pro-level. The trick? Dress it up with an accessory. Braid your strands into your easy style of choice, then add a scarf to compliment your look.

4-Bubble Pony

hairstyles for lazy women4
Bubble Pony hairstyle

hairstyles for lazy women: Breathe new life into a boring old ponytail by dressing it up with some bubbles. Once your hair is tied up, add elastics at one-inch intervals down the length of your pony. Use your fingers to separate the strands and create some volume, and feel free to accessorize with bows and clips.


hairstyles for lazy women5
Headband for hair

The fastest way to fix roots that refuse to behave? Pop on a headband. We love a super-thick style like the one Alix Earle shows off here (bonus points for how it can kid all the grease on your crown).


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