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7 Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Looks to Inspire You

Blue eyeshadow has gone in and out of style over the years.

In the ’90s, it was a staple for stars like Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez. In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was a fan of the vibrant lid look. It wasn’t for everyone, though—and it’s still not. Blue eyeshadow can be pretty divisive, but if you know how to properly apply it, it can look downright red carpet-worthy.
Keep reading to see 7 stars rocking the cool-toned hue, plus makeup artist tips for perfecting the look.

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1- Indigo Blue

paris hilton Blue EyeshadowParis Hilton popularized blue eyeshadow in the early ’00s, proving to her fans just how wearable the color can be. While we’ve learned a lot in terms of eyeshadow application over the years, the same indigo blue hue remains a must-try all these years later.

2-Cornflower Blue

Dua Lipa Blue Eyeshadow

One of the most popular ways to apply blue eyeshadow is in a bold halo effect, like Dua Lipa’s eye makeup above. “I love blending the eyeshadow from the lash line up towards the eyebrow,” says celebrity makeup artist Gilbert Soliz. “This opens up the eye and gives it a fresh take on a smoky eye.” For best results, he says to use a flat brush to pat and blend the blue eyeshadow of your choice onto your lids, then use a softer fluffy brush to diffuse the color up and out. Then, to complete the halo effect, use a dense, short-bristled eyeshadow brush to apply the pigment to the lower lash line.

3-Blue Wing Tips

Saoirse RonanBlue EyeshadowAnother of Arlt’s favorite ways to rock blue on the lids is in eyeliner—not eyeshadow—form. “I actually love to use it as an eyeliner which is a fun way to wear blue without it [becoming] overpowering,”

4- Bejeweled Cobalt

Lady Gaga Blue Eyeshadow

Powder blue may be the most wearable shade of blue eyeshadow but Lady Gaga proved that going bold with cobalt can be just as stunning. She rocked a David Bowie-inspired beauty look at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

5- Sea Foam Blue

Beyonce Blue Eyeshadow

Even Beyoncé has been beholden to the blue eyeshadow trend. At the 2006 “Dreamgirls” Los Angeles premiere, the “Formation” singer showed up with shimmering aqua lids to match her gown. “There’s something magical about a monochromatic color story,” Baker says.

While you might not have any red-carpet events coming up, Baker says that embracing the blue eyeshadow trend can be as simple as wearing a soft swipe of pastel blue shadow with a head-to-toe denim ensemble. “It will always feel fun and playful and can lean early ‘00s or made really fresh and modern depending on your mood,” she explains.

6- Pastel Blue

Taylor Swift Blue Eyeshadow

Taylor Swift might be best known for her statement red lip but she’s tried blue shadow a time or two, too. Once again, Baker says it’s all about that perfect powder baby blue hue. She’s such a fan of the hue, in fact, that she created her own.

7- Powder Blue Smokey Eye

Emma Chamberlain Blue Eyeshadow


Baker is a big fan of head-to-toe pastel blue ensembles, like Emma Chamberlain’s above. “Wearing a variety of pastel tones is another way of sporting a blue shadow well—if the whole ensemble is fun and airy and lightweight then the whole mood carries effortlessly,” she explains.

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