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Cardi B’s nail design with crystal flower and gray color + dress photo

Cardi B’s nail design: It’s been a while since we’ve had a really good Cardi B night-on-the-town manicure. It’s not that great looks aren’t happening—I’m sure they are!—the rapper just hasn’t been publicly out and about as much recently. Instead, she’s choosing to show off her glam via her iconic Instagram page.

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Cardi B’s nail design

Cardi B's nail design1

Cardi B’s nail design: With all that being said, it was a treat to witness the 31-year-old’s latest look in real life, or at least through the power of Getty Images, who captured The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists issue party at Sunset Tower Hotel on March 27. Showing up arm in arm with her stylist, Kollin Carter, Cardi rocked a soft updo with some sweet face framing, dramatic makeup (her thin brows are back!), and a manicure that combined all these adjectives. This look is ultra-feminine and a little harsh at the same time, playing with dimensions and inspirations the way the Grammy winner does best.

Cardi B's nail design2

Cardi B’s nail design: Painted a matte stone gray, some of the extra-long stiletto nails transition to a glossy finish about halfway up. While they’re technically French tips, they take up so much of the surface area that it’s hard to call them the “tips” of anything. Others nails, meanwhile, are glossy and almost transparent all the way through.

While I can’t figure out a rhyme or reason to which nail has what design, a number of fingers are also adorned with 3D-sculpted crystal flowers. Each unique and certainly made by hand (the entire look was likely the work of celebrity nail artist and frequent Cardi collaborator Jenny Bui) the clear petals fall in separate directions and are all sized slightly differently. One hand has a version on each finger, while the other only has a few.

Cardi B’s nail design: To complete the look, the New York native popped in icy blue contact lenses and donned a black halter-neck midi dress with cutouts. A bejeweled clutch, gray pumps, and tights finished things off, and no—no major 3D pointed manicure-caused nylon casualties were reported.

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