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Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings are very special+photo

Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings: When Dua Lipa steps out, you can count on her maximalist style to always make a statement, from matching her gown to her deep purple hair to posing in fantastic star-shaped pumps. For her latest engagement, the pop sensation let her earrings do the talking.

The “Training Season” songstress appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday alongside Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Adrian Lester, and Justin Timberlake.

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For the star-studded occasion, she made black the cheeriest color, looking radiant in an elegant short-sleeve column gown in the inky hue, pulled from Schiaparelli’s Fall/Winter 2023/2024 ready-to-wear collection.

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Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings

Dua Lipa's abstract earrings1

Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings: The piece features a sultry keyhole cutout that extends from her neckline down to her mid-torso, and is surrounded by fluid draping details with extra gathered fabric flowing down the center of the dress, and a floor-grazing skirt that pooled around her in a circular train, completely covering her shoes.

The star of the ensemble, however, were Lipa’s massive gilded drop earrings that depicted a stylistic, abstract image of a face, offering her frock a gorgeous artistic touch.

The gold jewelry, also by the fashion house, features brilliant diamonds for the eyes, which dazzled as they caught the light; Lipa, styled by Lorenzo Posocco, finished off the look with two gold rings.

Makeup artist Sam Visser glammed the singer-actor-model up with glowy makeup, complete with a rosy blush, glossy nude lips, and dramatic black winged eyeliner, while hairstylist Rio Sreedharan slicked Lipa’s iconic fiery tresses back into a neat, middle-parted bun.

Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings

Dua Lipa's abstract earrings2

Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings: Dressed for the part, Lipa dazzled on the British comedy talk show, as Norton highlighted the “Houdini” singer’s 18 no. 1 singles and 40 billion streams. She went on to discuss her worldly childhood, having been born and raised in London before moving to Kosovo at 11 years old and then returning to the English city by herself at 15.

“I wanted to do music, and as much as I loved living in Kosovo, it was a very different experience,” she said on the program. “Now, everything has changed so much with streaming, and you can be anywhere in the world and your music can be heard. I didn’t feel that at the time. When I was living in Kosovo, there were so many artists that I wanted to see that wouldn’t come there in concert. I just felt like I wanted to come back to a place where there was so much more opportunity.”

Dua Lipa’s abstract earrings: In a relatable moment, Lipa explained moving back to London with an older roommate, saying, “We got on for the most part until she went in my room and took pictures of my messy bedroom and sent it to my mum. Horrible! I was 15.” Celebrities really are just like us.

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