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Egg slimming diet: how many eggs should we eat to lose weight?

Egg slimming diet: You might’ve heard that the egg diet can help you drop pounds quickly. But is it healthy to load up on omelets and scrambles every day — or at every meal?

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Eggs ‌do‌ have a lot of good things going for them. But just like with other nutritious foods, it’s totally possible to overdo it. Here’s a look at how many you can safely have per day, plus the healthiest way to make eggs a part of your diet.

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It’s typically recommended that you eat no more than an egg a day — or even two, on occasion. You shouldn’t eat more eggs than this as they are high in dietary cholesterol.

Egg slimming diet

How Many Eggs Per Day Can You Have on the Egg Diet?

Egg slimming diet2

Egg slimming diet: The egg diet typically involves eating one or more eggs at every meal. So someone on the egg diet would likely eat at least three eggs a day, but it’s also possible to have more — especially if eggs are the ‌only‌ food you’re eating. That might lead to weight loss in the short term, because eggs are relatively low in calories (a large egg has 78 calories). But there’s more to it that’s worth considering.

Eating multiple eggs every day could have health drawbacks, especially if you do it for an extended period.

How Many Eggs Per Day Is Healthy?

Egg slimming diet: Good news: It’s perfectly fine to enjoy eggs on a regular basis. Despite what you might have heard about the cholesterol in eggs raising the risk for heart disease, that thinking is largely outdated.

Newer research shows that the cholesterol in foods doesn’t have much effect on blood cholesterol levels, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

So even though a single egg serves up nearly 200 milligrams of cholesterol (the recommended daily limit is 300 milligrams), for most people, that won’t affect heart health.

With that in mind, how many eggs can you safely eat each day? The American Heart Association says that healthy people who aren’t at high risk for heart disease can safely eat one egg per day, or around seven eggs per week.

Some research even suggests that having a few more might be okay.

Egg slimming diet: A June 2018 study in the ‌American Journal of Clinical Nutrition‌ found that people who ate at least 12 eggs per week as part of a nutritious diet for three months didn’t raise their risk for heart disease or diabetes.

The key is enjoying eggs as part of a balanced diet. When eating eggs with whole-grain toast and fruit, for instance, you get the benefits of the eggs along with cholesterol-reducing fiber and a variety of antioxidants.

Egg slimming diet: You won’t reap those same benefits when you pair eggs with sugary foods (like syrupy pancakes or French toast) or ones high in saturated fat (like bacon or cheese).

As for eating several eggs every single day, that might not be the best move. Even though dietary cholesterol doesn’t seem to raise the risk for heart disease, diets high in saturated fat or added sugar still can.

In short: Unless you’re at high risk for heart problems, having an egg each day or a two-egg scramble or omelet a few times a week is likely fine.

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