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Katy Perry nail design for spring 2024: sunflowers+photo

Katy Perry nail design: We all know Katy Perry loves a little bit of camp—have you seen the clips of her Las Vegas residency? This sense of whimsy has followed her from the whipped cream bras of “California Gurls” to her personal style today.

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However, nowhere does this shine through more than in her choice of manicures. The superstar regularly wears fun, kitschy nail looks in her everyday life, from an alien chrome manicure to her latest springtime daisy nails.

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On March 21, Perry’s nail artist, Kim Truong, posted an up-close look at the latest nails she created for the pop icon.

Katy Perry nail design

Katy Perry nail design1

Katy Perry nail design: Since spring is finally underway, Truong reflected the blooming flowers of the season on Perry’s nails, painting daisies on each of her fingers.

Daisy also just so happens to be the name of her daughter, making the look equally as sentimental as it is seasonal.

Katy Perry nail design2

Katy Perry nail design: Perry’s daisy nails started with a nude, irridescent base coat. Though it was almost completely sheer—letting us see her natural nails underneath—the entire medium length, almond shaped tip glistened with very fine glitter specs that reflected the light and gave the look a springtime glow. Then, the artistry came though with the daisies.

Though each of her nails had a handful of white and yellow flowers, the placement and size of the petals varied from finger to finger.

For example, some fingers, like her pointer and ring finger, had daisies climbing up the tip of the finger with petals cut off by the end of her nail. On the other hand, a few fingers had full-sized flowers with fully intact yellow centers and white petals sitting pretty in the middle. Of course, the look was finished off with the glossiest of top coats.

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