Selena Gomez’s appearance changes from the past to now + old and new photos

Selena Gomez’s appearance changes: Alot has changed since Selena Gomez got her first big break at age 10 on the Disney Channel’s Barney & Friends. She has gone on to release multiple albums, star in several feature films, and even launch her own makeup line, Rare Beauty.

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Now, at 31 years old, she is one of the world’s biggest stars, as well as the most-followed woman on Instagram.

She’s also a frequent fixture on the red carpet. If you’ve been paying attention, then you might’ve noticed a new vibe lately—and how different she looks now compared to the “girl next door” image that she cultivated as a teen.

But is it all makeup wizardry… or could there be some truth to the plastic surgery rumours that have been surrounding Selena in recent years?

The only way to make an educated guess is to go back to her early days on the red carpet, and see how her look has evolved from past to present.

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Selena Gomez’s appearance changes


Selena Gomez's appearance changes1 Selena Gomez's appearance changes2 Selena Gomez's appearance changes3


Selena Gomez's appearance changes4 Selena Gomez's appearance changes5 Selena Gomez's appearance changes6


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