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4 mini skirts for everyday style that are attractive + photos

mini skirts for everyday style: The mini skirt—first introduced by the late British designer Mary Quant circa 1960—is constantly getting a trendy upgrade.

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But what makes the teeny tiny style a timeless staple, no matter the era, is its versatility—its short hemline helps the silhouette conform to almost any outfit.

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While there are myriad ways you can dress it up, finding new, imaginative ideas for wearing this potentially tricky silhouette in 2024 can pose a challenge. So, how does one integrate it to refresh the mini skirt to look and feel as good as new?

The mini skirt may be tiny, but it’s mightier than you think. These days, mini skirts come in a slew of fabrics and textures, sizes and lengths, and are paired with even the most unconventional and polarizing ways (cough cough, micro-minis).

Whether you’re planning a girls’ night out or looking to elevate your officewear attire for the week, the mini skirt suits virtually any aesthetic—and lucky for you, we’ve compiled nine outfit solutions for all of your mini skirt troubles with street style “It” girls to thank for the inspiration.

mini skirts for everyday style

1-Sparkle It Out

mini skirts for everyday style1

mini skirts for everyday style: Nothing says “going out” as much as a sparkly mini skirt. Though the silhouette is easily adaptable, the bold embellishments usually speak for itself. Keep the rest of the look stylish yet simple with any T-shirt top of your choice—oversized or cropped—to give your #OOTN a casual spin. If you’re feeling even bolder to dance the night away, pair the dazzling mini skirt with a coordinating pair of metallic thigh-high boots or a classic pair of heels. Whenever/next time you’re in a wardrobe dilemma, just remember: When in doubt, sparkle it out!

2-Preppy Plaid

mini skirts for everyday style2

mini skirts for everyday style: Sometimes, the skirt is the main character of the outfit, especially if you own anything close to TikTok’s beloved version by Chopova Lowena. The academia look hasn’t completely left our style radar just yet, meaning that the plaid, oftentimes pleated, mini skirt is still very much a coveted essential. Embrace your inner schoolgirl with this OG quiet luxury staple. Pair your mini skirt with a button-up cardigan, calf-reaching slouchy white crew socks, and chunky loafers to look like you just hopped off the Miu Miu catwalk.

3-Micro Mini

mini skirts for everyday style3

mini skirts for everyday style: Micro mini skirts have made their way back into the fashion zeitgeist once again, spearheaded by luxury fashion brands like Miu Miu, which introduced the infamous low-slung silhouette at its Spring/Summer 2022 runway show. Though polarizing at its core, styling the micro mini skirt doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to approach the tiny skirt—our foolproof outfit formula consists of a long statement coat and a midriff-baring cropped baby tee.

4-Denim on Denim

mini skirts for everyday style4

mini skirts for everyday style: Of all the materials out there, denim is the most convenient one to layer head to toe. This styling solution usually makes a statement, so don’t be afraid to don full-on denim with your mini skirt. Layer a matching jean jacket on top of the skirt (though the washes don’t have to matter) for the effortless full cool-girl effect. With the blue-wash fabric as a base, accessorizing the “Canadian tuxedo” is endless. Stick with a comfy pair of sneakers, or elevate your look with strappy sandals and a sleek designer bag in hand.

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