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How to use Rice Water for Hair: Dandruff treatment, soft and shiny hair

Rice Water for Hair: If you’re dealing with weak, damaged hair or a dry scalp or simply want to level up your hair-care routine to help strands be as strong and healthy as possible, adding rice water to your hair-care routine could be key.

Find out how rice water can remedy an impressive list of common hair concerns, both short and long-term, exactly how to use it, products that contain rice water, and answers to your most commonly asked questions.

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What is Rice Water?

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Rice Water for Hair: Rice water extract is taken from the water that is retained after soaking or boiling rice, which can have essential antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, who points out that it’s been used in many cultures for centuries, primarily in Asia.

The milky liquid that’s created by soaking rice in water is a pro-approved treatment for both hair and skin again because of its high levels of nutrients, including B vitamins, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

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Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

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Rice Water for Hair: Rice water is brilliant for fortifying fragile hair, improving suppleness, helping to smooth down rough cuticles, and enhancing shine. It’s a great natural alternative to layering hair with silicone-based serums to achieve a smoothing effect.

When rice water is used for hair, it is thought to help strengthen and add moisture to the hair, leaving it looking and feeling softer and smoother.

Rice water is also a high-level moisturizer for both skin and scalp, which, in turn, can also promote healthy-looking and feeling hair overall.

It may also help treat common scalp conditions. Rice water has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the scalp, reduce dandruff, and alleviate itchiness or irritation.

How to Use Rice Water for Hair

Rice Water for Hair: Think rice water as a primer for your hair. After washing your hair, rub rice water into your hair and scalp and allow it to sit for five to 10 minutes. Then apply your regular conditioner afterward if you need to.

To see the best results, repeat the treatment one to two times per week and leave it on hair for five to 20 minutes at most.

Since it’s a natural remedy, it may take some time to see significant results from using rice water—be patient and give your hair time to adjust and experience the best result.

When to Avoid Rice Water for Hair

Rice Water for Hair: Rice water is so mild that it can be used across all skin and hair types.

out that although there’s no reason not to use rice water as a hair treatment, what does matter is how long you leave pure rice water on hair because excessive use can actually have a negative effect, including protein overload that may cause hair to feel stiff and become brittle.

It’s best to avoid using rice water for too long or too often—no more than 20 minutes at a time and one to two times a week—because it can create a buildup of starch on strands.

If you have chemically treated hair, such as hair that has been colored, relaxed, or permed, be cautious with rice water.

The proteins in rice water may interact with the chemicals in your hair treatments, leading to adverse effects, such as uneven color or texture. Therefore, always use rice water in moderation, observe how your hair responds to it, and adjust the usage accordingly.”

And, of course, anyone who may be allergic to rice should also avoid using rice water hair treatments or ask their doctor before using it.

If you experience any allergic reaction such as itching, redness or swelling after using rice water, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist or doctor.

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