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The best anti-aging skin oil: Attract young boys like a magnet!

The best anti-aging skin oil: MINTAINING a wrinkle-free complexion as you age doesn’t mean you have to get Botox. One woman revealed her simple skincare secrets that have anti-aging effects.

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The best anti-aging skin oil:

The best anti-aging skin oil1
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Commenting under a viral post asking for beauty recommendations, Reddit user NoThanksNotTelling shared the process she swears by.

Instead of applying a wide variety of products, she broke down the easy steps she takes to prevent wrinkles.

“I’m 37 and I am regularly told people think I am in my 20s,” she explained.

She revealed that she was even hit on by a 23-year-old due to her youthful appearance.

For her first skincare tip, she recommended incorporating face oil into your routine.

She explained that the product “changed” her skin for the better.

In a follow-up comment, she revealed that she has used “a variety” of face oils. “I’ve tried all kinds! Any oil will do.”

The best anti-aging skin oil2
image source: freepik

The best anti-aging skin oil:

The Reddit user also recommended applying sunblock to your skin every day.

“Don’t be put off by people saying you have to reapply, that is really a lot of pressure to put on yourself,” she said. “Put on some HA serum and top with sunblock, minimum SPF 30

The best anti-aging skin oil:

She explained that this technique has always done her “fine” while living in the tropics and a desert climate.

“I also always wear a hat when I’m outdoors in direct sunlight,” she added.

The Redditor also recommended eating oily foods such as salmon and drinking lots of water.

Finally, she advised against losing too much weight as it can often make you look older than you are.

“[My] skin is just more lustrous and I have absolutely zero wrinkles without Botox,” she said.


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