Jane Seymour’s daughter at the age of 42 next to her mother: as if they are sisters!

Jane Seymour’s daughter: Katherine Flynn, who also goes by Katie, was born on Jan. 7, 1982, to Seymour and David Flynn.

Katie is an actor, director, producer and photographer who has appeared on shows like The Office and in movies like Mistrust (2018), which she worked on with her mother, according to IMDB.

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Jane Seymour’s daughter

Jane Seymour's daughter1
Jane Seymour’s daughter childhood

Jane Seymour’s daughter: “When they were younger I had to make compromises, sometimes about not taking roles that may have taken me away from them too much,” Seymour told The Guardian in 2013. “They know that I love what I do, and they also know we’re all about family, so they are all about family.”

Katie, who has two daughters named Willa and Luna, parents with a similar philosophy. “I became a photographer after I became a parent and most of my early work is of my kids,” she told Shoutout L.A. in 2022. “It was always important to me to let them be exactly who they are and become who they want to be.

Hold boundaries and love them to death, but otherwise stay out of their way. I love observing them — everything they feel is on their sleeve and changes moment to moment. Their hearts are truly honest, and every feeling so transient.”

Jane Seymour’s daughter

Jane Seymour's daughter2

Jane Seymour’s daughter: In 2010, Seymour and James Keach established the Open Hearts Foundation, which “accelerates purpose through its grant making and volunteerism programs,” according to the organization’s website.

The family have long shown their support, like when they all attended the Open Hearts 10th Anniversary Gala in 2020. Katie later founded her own branch of the organization.

“Young Hearts, the volunteerism branch of the Open Hearts Foundation that I created with two of my friends, also stemmed out of the same principles: building community, compassion and finding those unique parts of ourselves that we can offer in service,” she told Shoutout L.A. “When we approach this alone, it feels daunting and overwhelming, but when we collectively come together with our unique skills, passions, interests, that’s where the difference is really made.”

Jane Seymour's daughter3

Seymour has a close relationship with her grandkids, and she visited the San Diego Zoo with Willa and Luna in August 2023. “All I can say is wow!” she captioned a photo with her two granddaughters. “The @sandiegozoo is absolutely amazing. We were blown away with how beautiful and vast it is.”

In 2022, Seymour visited Disneyland with her family. She posted a photo with her grandkids on Instagram with the caption, “The happiest Oma at the happiest place on Earth!”

She told PEOPLE in 2020 that she was saving her extensive wardrobe for her grandchildren. “I used to be able to keep all my costumes so I have in my closet everything from the 1700s up to the present day,” she said. “And I’ve got some amazing selection of clothes from all the movies I’ve been in. … I have quite a history in my closet.”

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